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ABout Dhaka Wasa

Dhaka WASA (Water Supply & Sewerage Authority) was established in the year 1963 as an independent organization, under the East Pakistan ordinance XIX. In 1989, the drainage system of Dhaka city also handed over to DWASA from DPHE. Again in the year 1990, Water, Drainage & Sanitation service of Narayangonj city handed over to DWASA.


To be the best water utility in the public sector of Asia-with commitment towards people and environment


  • To constantly seek ways to better serve our customers

  • To implement the projects effectively and speedily for increasing water production to meet the demand of the city dwellers

  • To reduce the dependency from ground water to surface water

  • To practice a corporate culture in its management and operation

  • To ensure a high level of transparency and accountability in all it’s services and activities

  • To improve efficiency in all DWASA activities and reduce the operation cost

  • Achievement Through Turn-Around Program

    Sl Subject Area Year 2008 Benchmark Year 2015
    01. NRW % 40.38 25.00 22.00
    02. Bills Sent Out % 93.00 99.50 99.00
    03. Revenue Collection % 64.50 95.00 97.50
    04. Debt Age / Receivable (month) 14.58 3.00 5.46
    05. Manpower/1000
    16.20 12.00 9.16
    06. Operating Ratio 0.90 0.65 0.66
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